Let Plan Co. manage the resource consent process for you.

We are a planning consultancy that specialises in preparation, submission and management of all types of resource and subdivision consents through the Council process. 


We can help with



We’ve got a solid track record of delivering subdivision consents for a variety of clients, from subdividing the family home, making the most of landholdings and property, an investment opportunity or the development of 300 units.

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REsidential developments

If you’re building a new apartment block or or simply extending the family home or special character property, we can help you understand the Council requirements and how to obtain the best results for you

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Commercial developments

We can assist with your proposed commercial, retail, office, hotel, non-residential, industrial opportunities from assisting with expansion of existing premises, moving to a new premises or undertaking a whole new commercial or mixed use development.

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Why Us?



Plan Co. understands the value and benefit of quick, clear and honest communication being the key to achieving beneficial outcomes. Our commitment is to openly communicate and be available to our clients at all times.



Central to our success and at the heart of values is an open, honest and transparent approach to our work. Plan Co. knows how to successfully navigate the RMA for its clients and also understands the importance of integrity and honesty in all of its interactions.



Many years working in a regulatory environment where time is everything has reinforced a culture of efficiency and reliability in Plan Co's approach to work and its commitment to your project. Supported by our other values, reliability and a 'can do' attitude underpin our core value of 'helping our clients achieve positive change'.



Plan Co. has developed an effective and beneficial network of industry professionals capable of successfully taking on any job no matter how big or small. Plan Co. looks to work collaboratively with its clients, specialists and decision makers in order to deliver on its commitments to its clients.

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